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          ELEGANCE CENTRAL engaged in various industries across the globe with a vision to promote Green- business culture at the workplace. We are mainly focusing on Industries which are contributing towards the nourishment of the environment as well as the humankind. This strategic goal could be achieved by implementing adequate technologies at eco-friendly manufacturing units to increase their revenue and thus aid in corporate social responsibility.

Elegance Central emphasize on the following industries:


The concept of employability cuts across all these factors as a highly expected outcome, as well as an indicator of the graduate’s performance in terms of joining the world of work.

We live in exciting times - every day new technologies are disrupting old ones. Artificial intelligence and data science are the new age buzzwords. Companies are constantly innovating to measure up, while careers that did not exist a decade ago are steadfastly on the rise.

Our Career counselors also use advanced psychometric testing and assessment tools to arrive at the right conclusion. Elegance Career guidance team focus on the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses before recommending a path. An objective evaluation of the candidate profile helps bring more clarity of thought.


From transportation to housing to lighting, energy alternatives and conservation are all the rage. Although the oil and gas shortages in the 1970's failed to squelch the conventional internal combustion engine, the automobile industry is finally getting the message, seeking engineers to think up new automotive power systems, designs and better ways to get around.


Through the effective waste disposal program Elegance  Central operate on site solutions for bulk waste generators including various industrial areas, parks and residential complexes. For smaller generators, we offer holistic waste management which includes collection and process at our client unit. 

We also partner with packaging companies and E-Waste producers to develop and implement a reverse logistics mechanism that facilitates in bringing back bulk volumes of waste into the recycling chain.



 In earlier days the best selling method we used was cold calling . But if you called 100 customers you will only find 20 prospective customers. Most of those customers also will definitely request a discount or bargaining for low price . This is because You are the one who have the need to sell the product . But what if You are able to sell to the person who has a exact requirement of your product, You may not need to give discounts , follow the potential customer until he or she buy Your product .

So it is crystal clear day by day people understanding major requirement of website for their business. Not only that website is the first impression of a company . So it is obvious how website industry has become a fast growing industry.



Elegance Central strives to take part in the support projects of Government ventures by various means:


Process Re-Engineering: Identifying stakeholder needs, studying government processes to effect improvements, and designing change management plans as well as organizational restructuring strategies in sync with government processes identified for re-engineering.

Strategic Planning: Developing programs, strategies, framework, program management units etc.

Project Consultancy: Conceptualizing a project, architecture functions, technology, people, process and resource, designing solutions around commercial off the shelf / enterprise applications, preparing business models, request for proposal and tender documents as well as bid process management.

Strategic HR: Assessing capacity and analysing gaps, building capacity and augmenting it through methodologies for sourcing highly skilled manpower.

Research & Analysis: Assessing socioeconomic impact, identifying leading technologies for use in solution design, examining the impact of large e-government projects that have been implemented, adopting open standards, and preparing case studies.

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