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COVID-19: Enhanced Sanitation Procedures (Post 21 day lockdown to counter Coronavirus)

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Keep Personal Hygeine

The ongoing safe guard procedure - lockdown - against Corona virus (COVID-19) is going to loosen up with ample restrictions. However, we should take necessary steps while making social contact to protect ourselves and others.

As part of the enhanced cleaning initiatives, all facilities at business hubs and market places must be sanitized well against any containment. Common hand rail, steps, elevator facility, pantry area and equipments, washrooms, chair, reception area, writing equipment, computers must be cleaned with dettol or sanitizer before using them.

Business owners should take the responsibility of the sanitation procedure even if the local authority may not force you for the same.

Personal hygiene items such as hand sanitizer, tissue liquid soap, facemask(if required) must be made available at all over the places.

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