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OXY BOOSTER | The Portable Oxygen Therapy

Updated: May 28, 2021

Elegance Central® brings you portable oxygen container in association with ECOSPEL® with inhaling mask to support the patients those who are facing breathing related issues during the pandemic. It is truly a life saver comes with very affordable price.

For business enquiries(Portable oxygen cylinders, oxy-booster), you can get back to us on 7592017755 | 9567074447


  • It provides immediate relief acting as a first aid kit

  • Helps in recovering stamina, freshness

  • Life saver during respiratory disorders and breathlessness due to COVID19

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Air Capacity: 10Ltr.

Burst: 150Puffs

Can Weight: 140gms

ECOSPEL Oxy-Booster is Useful For Sports Recovery, Breathlessness Due To Respiratory, Pollution, And Altitude & First Aid Is Life Saver. You Suffer From Lung Or Respiratory Disorders Such As Asthma, C.O.P.D, Etc. Helps You Recover From Breathlessness & Suffocation Caused By Pollution, Smoking, Stale Air, Poorly Ventilated Rooms, High Altitude, Etc.

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The main attraction of oxy-booster Can is Fitted With Ergonomically Built-In Mask And Trigger System For Easy Inhalation. Supply available all over India.

Oxy-Booster centers are available in Thrissur, Kerala, Bengaluru, Karnataka and many other places all over India.

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It is highly advisable to keep a portable oxy-booster can at every home, offices, clubs as it instantly Increases Oxygen Levels In The Body And Helps Restore Brain And Body Functions To Normal. It Is Safe And Easy To Use Certified Oxygen In A Can. By Inhaling Just 5 To 6 Short Bursts, It Helps Through Conditions Resulting From Low Oxygen Levels In The Body.


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