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Important workplace Etiquette

When you first meet someone, you've got mere seconds to impress them with your manners and likability, according to the research done by Elegance Central ®

After just a few seconds, the other person has formed an opinion of you, and bad first impressions are very difficult to change. Good first impressions, on the other hand, can earn you job offers, partnerships and advancement opportunities.

Here, we are going to discuss about the golden rules of workplace etiquette.

STAND While being introduced

Standing up during introduction will create a positive impact on the opposite person.

Your presence is better established when you stand up during an introduction.

Avoid Crossing Your Legs

If at all you find the need to cross your legs, make sure you cross them at the ankles and not knees.

That way when you need to suddenly shift you can do it subtly without making it obvious.

Pointing Must Be Done With an OPEN PALM

Pointing with a single finger or particularly your index finger indicates aggression. So when pointing keep all your fingers together and point with an open palm.


You may have a very valid point to put forward in a meeting session at your office place, however wait until you get a chance to speak.

Don’t cut other people off or interrupt them while they speak.

KNOCK Before Entering

You have absolutely no right to interrupt someone’s work and it is essential for you to respect their space and privacy.

Mind Your Tongue!

Never use abusive language or obscene words in the office. Even written communication should be polite and respectful. Ensure you don’t use derogatory or rude language, it is absolutely unacceptable.

Stay Miles Away From Gossip

Gossiping about colleagues not only damages their image in the organization but it also speaks volumes about the kind of person you are…

Punctuality Matters

Showing up late only shows how inconsiderate you are and how you disrespect other people’s time.

No matter how busy you are or how senior your post in an organisation may be, ensure that you show up on time for meetings and conferences.

Keep Your Phone Away

Make sure you keep your phone on silent while attending a meeting so that it doesn’t disturb the other attendees and the speaker.

It is extremely irritating and highly disrespectful to other people attending the meeting.

Dress Appropriately!

Make sure that you dress in a professional and acceptable manner.

Avoid wearing clothes that are revealing or inappropriate. If your office has a dress code then make sure you stick by the code.

Eating Etiquette

Food should be eaten only in the office etiquette dining place and not in your cabin or cubicle.

If for some reason you are absolutely unable to make it to the lunch room, then make sure the food you eat in your cubicle doesn’t have a foul and unbearable odour. Also ensure you clean up after your meal.

Do's and Don't - At a glance
Office Etiquette

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